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Class DualDollarController


class DualDollarController
extends DualController

This class manages dual views (viewer and editor) of the specified Dollar Scalar Model.

Author: Bruce Wallace (
Defined in mvc.js

Version: 1.0

Constructor Summary
DualDollarController ()
Method Summary
 void konstructor( <ScalarModel> xModel, <String> className, <Function> optFormatFunction, <String> optName )
 String validator()
           Validate data based on STD edit rules:
 '0'	Read-Only; zero
 'X'	Read-Only; copy of balance A
 'R'	Read-Only; (current value)
 '+'	Read-Write; positive or zero required
 '-'	Read-Write; negative or zero required
 '#'	Read-Write; non-zero required
 '?'	Read-Write; no validation
Methods inherited from class DualController
enableEdit, formatted, setModels, setEditMode, updateValidity, paintHTML, buildHTMLstr
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mustRebuild, mustRepaint, currentContext, watchModel, setViewID, innerID, getWidgetID, getWidget, getHook, buildHTML, updateContext, contextChanged, disable, enable, setVisible, setSubViewsVisible, isVisible, redraw, draw, rebuildAny, build, buildsubviews, paint, setParentView, clearSubViews, addSubView, getSubView, delSubView, embedView, embedHTML, block, unblock

Constructor Detail



Method Detail


void konstructor( <ScalarModel> xModel, <String> className, <Function> optFormatFunction, <String> optName )


String validator()

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