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Class DebugView


class DebugView
extends View

This class acts as quick and dirty debug view that pops up a window showing the current state of the arbitrary data model being watched.

Author: Bruce Wallace (
Defined in rats.js

Version: 1.0

Constructor Summary
DebugView ()
Method Summary
 void buildHTML()
           implement this view as an alert box
 void konstructor( <Model> aModel )
 boolean mustRebuild()
           return true IFF model(s) require the HTML rebuilt for THIS view default implementation: If there is a difference in the current "build context" and the current one then rebuild else not.
Methods inherited from class View
buildHTMLstr, paintHTML, mustRepaint, currentContext, watchModel, setViewID, innerID, getWidgetID, getWidget, getHook, updateContext, contextChanged, disable, enable, setVisible, setSubViewsVisible, isVisible, redraw, draw, rebuildAny, build, buildsubviews, paint, setParentView, clearSubViews, addSubView, getSubView, delSubView, embedView, embedHTML, block, unblock

Constructor Detail



Method Detail


void buildHTML()


void konstructor( <Model> aModel )


boolean mustRebuild()

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