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Class Controller

Direct Known Subclasses:
ScalarEditController, ButtonController, DualController

class Controller
extends View

This class acts as the base class for each controller (that supports an underlying View). Subclasses of Controller should define/override all overrides required by View.
Author: Bruce Wallace (
Defined in mvc.js

Version: 1.0

Constructor Summary
Controller ()
Method Summary
 void konstructor( <String> optName )
Methods inherited from class View
buildHTMLstr, paintHTML, mustRebuild, mustRepaint, currentContext, watchModel, setViewID, innerID, getWidgetID, getWidget, getHook, buildHTML, updateContext, contextChanged, disable, enable, setVisible, setSubViewsVisible, isVisible, redraw, draw, rebuildAny, build, buildsubviews, paint, setParentView, clearSubViews, addSubView, getSubView, delSubView, embedView, embedHTML, block, unblock

Constructor Detail



Method Detail


void konstructor( <String> optName )

The Gravy Framework

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