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Class MVCScalarModel

Direct Known Subclasses:
MVCAttributeModel, MVCSelectionModel, MVCBoolModel

class MVCScalarModel
extends MVCModel

This class encapsulates a Scalar data model with a default implementation of the scalar being implemented via a (bean-like) property. The property name can optionally be specified.

Scalar models assume that a validity attribute of the basic model value can also be set and it's member name is based on the name of the basic value's member name. By convention, the validity attribute consists of an error message string if invalid or null if valid.
Version: 2.0

Author: Bruce Wallace (
Defined in grvMVC.js

Field Summary
<static>  Object kValiditySuffix
          The suffix added to the basic name to get the validity attribute name.
Constructor Summary
MVCScalarModel ()
Method Summary
 void _setValidity( <String> errMsg )
           set the validity attribute of this scalar value and dont publish
 void _setValue(x)
           set scalar to given value but dont publish
 String getValidity()
           return the validity attribute of this scalar value
 Object getValue( )
           get scalar value
 void konstructor( <String> optPropName, <String> optName )
 Object setValue(x)
           set scalar to given value and publish
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Field Detail


<static> Object kValiditySuffix

Constructor Detail



Method Detail


void _setValidity( <String> errMsg )


void _setValue(x)


String getValidity()


Object getValue( )


void konstructor( <String> optPropName, <String> optName )


Object setValue(x)

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