Gravey - An MVC Framework for AJAX

Gravey is a framework for developing Rich Internet Applications using standard design patterns like MVC, Command, AJAX, and REST.
It is distinct in being a completely stand-alone JavaScript library, hence it does not depend on any particular client or server frameworks or technologies (e.g. J2EE, .Net, jQuery, etc).
It is also unique in providing a framework for arbitrarily deep levels of undo/redo commands.

This page contains links to example files and published articles on the subject. The AJAX from Scratch article series described several of the fundamental techniques used in Gravey. The occasional blog posts about Gravey can be found here.

Gravey 2.5 [released Jan, 2011]  Migration Notes This version has been successfully tested on...
[iPad iOS4.2: Safari][Win2K: IE6.0, SeaMonkey 2.0], [WinXP: IE8.0, Firefox 3.6], [OS X 10.5: Safari 5.0, Chrome 8.0, Firefox 3.6]
Gravey & Examples (.zip)
Gravey source files
Gravey JsDoc
RATS    (ReadOnly)
(a Gravey example application)
RATS source files
AIM    (ReadOnly)
(a Gravey EDO example application)
AIM source files
AIM - Auctions Module
(a Gravey EDO example application)
AIM - Bidders Module
(a Gravey EDO example application)
AIM - Items Module
(a Gravey EDO example application)