Overview for the Gravey Framework

The Gravey (aka Gravy 2.0) framework is a set of Javascript include files that implement model-view-controller support classes. Its home page is at GRAVEY.ORG.

This library supports Rich Internet Application (RIA) code in the browser using the Model-View-Controller design pattern supported by Observer, Command, Bean, Composite, etc. design patterns.

The AJAX classes supports asynchronous REST-style web service requests for XML data that is transformed into Javascript data via XSL and is all executed in the browser. The server merely accepts REST-style requests for data CRUD operations.

A major addition to Gravy 2.0 is the optional new EDO (Editable Domain Objects) layer which contains a framework for editing and persisting domain objects. It also contains several controllers and data models for managing page-level functionality.

NOTE: Portions of this framework and sample applications require Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater.