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Class MVCPopupMenuController

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class MVCPopupMenuController
extends MVCScalarEditController

This class manages a popup menu which watches a MVCListModel (specifying the menu items) embedded within a MVCSelectionModel that reflects which item is/should-be currently selected. [The scalar value we "edit" is the "select index" of the MVCSelectionModel.] Each item in the list should implement the MVCMenuItem interface.
Version: 2.0

Author: Bruce Wallace (

Defined in grvMVC.js

Constructor Summary
MVCPopupMenuController ()
Method Summary
 String buildHTMLstr()
           return an HTML string of the basic structure for this view.
 MVCContext currentContext()
           return the current "context" of this view.
 void konstructor( <MVCSelectionModel> sModel, <String> optName, <String> optEvtHndlrName, <String> optClassName )
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Constructor Detail



Method Detail


String buildHTMLstr()


MVCContext currentContext()


void konstructor( <MVCSelectionModel> sModel, <String> optName, <String> optEvtHndlrName, <String> optClassName )

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