Overview for Gravey Framework and AIM RIA

The Gravey (aka Gravy 2.0) framework is a set of Javascript include files that implement model-view-controller support classes. The framework home page is at GRAVEY.ORG. The AIM system is a set of Gravey EDO demonstration applications.

This library supports Rich Internet Application (RIA) code in the browser using the Model-View-Controller design pattern supported by Observer, Command, Bean, Composite, etc. design patterns.

The AJAX library supports asynchronous REST-style web service requests for XML data that is transformed into Javascript data via XSL and is all executed in the browser. The server merely accepts REST-style requests for data CRUD operations.

A major addition to Gravy 2.0 is the optional new EDO (Editable Domain Objects) layer which contains a framework for editing and persisting domain objects. It also contains several controllers and data models for managing page-level functionality.

The AIM (Auction Inventory Manager) system consists of three (Auctions,Bidders,Items) demonstration Single Page Applications built upon these libraries, defining Command objects, Models, Views, Controllers, event handlers, and AJAX requests.
The AIM system demonstrates the new Gravey EDO framework.

NOTE: Portions of this framework and sample application require Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater.