The Gravey 2.0 Framework and AIM RIA

Class MVCPadScalarView


class MVCPadScalarView
extends MVCScalarView

This class produces a blank-padded view of the specified MVCScalarModel. It transforms the raw value of the model into a right-blank-padded-to-min-len format.
Version: 2.0

Author: Bruce Wallace (

Defined in grvMVC.js

Constructor Summary
MVCPadScalarView ()
Method Summary
 void konstructor( <MVCScalarModel> xModel, minLen, <String> optName )
 void updateView( )
           update the display with the current model value
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Constructor Detail



Method Detail


void konstructor( <MVCScalarModel> xModel, minLen, <String> optName )


void updateView( )

The Gravey 2.0 Framework and AIM RIA

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